Kirstyn Palmisano

Attorney Kirstyn D. Palmisano obtained her law degree from the University of Washington in 2008. Kirstyn has guided hundreds of clients through the court process involving divorce, domestic violence and all custody related matters.

Kirstyn’s interest in family law was confirmed after her time spent working as a Law Clerk and Bailiff to the Honorable Mary E. Roberts. This unique position accelerated Kirstyn’s trial and litigation skills after witnessing hundreds of cases go before the court. Over the course of her 4 years with Judge Roberts, she learned the many styles attorneys use in trial to include direct and cross-examinations and how to effectively question an expert witness on the stand. Kirstyn’s litigation skills are unmatched and described by her peers as tactful, strategic and convincing.

When it comes to her clients, Kirstyn knows that everyone has different goals. As such, she modifies her approach to the specific circumstances of each case. She has significant experience handling high-conflict case, including those involving substance abuse, domestic violence allegations, child abuse and various psychiatric issues in either a parent or child. While settlement is ideal, in a high-conflict situation, you need a litigator who has the skill to take the case to the courtroom once it becomes necessary. Kirstyn prides herself on developing a proactive litigation strategy tailored to the needs of each client.  This frequently includes finding the right expert, be it a PhD level parenting evaluator, psychiatrist, or locating a trustworthy agency to conduct a substance abuse or domestic violence assessment.

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